Dr Moe Suleiman | DetectedX | Fostering Diagnostic Accuracy

Dr Moe Suleiman

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Moe’s research focuses on exploring innovative technologies and techniques that improve the recognition of clinical indicators of disease, whilst minimising risk to the patient. His research on radiation dose optimisation has resulted in significant findings regarding the method utilised for the estimation of absorbed radiation dose; leading to the design of an updated method for the calculation of actual glandular dose and a better estimation of individualised absorbed radiation dose for women undergoing screening mammography.

Moe was awarded the John C. Harsanyi Medal for Innovation from the University of Sydney in 2020. His research has been disseminated through leading international journals and major international medical imaging meetings including the annual meetings of the European Congress and the International Society of Optical Engineering and Medical Imaging Perception Society. He is now a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Sydney and the Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of DetectedX.

Moe is driven by translating research findings into improved outcomes for individuals globally.

Suleiman founded DetectedX in 2019 along with fellow well-respected global leaders in disease detection: Professor Patrick Brennan and Professor Mary Rickard. The vision for DetectedX is to transform the future of disease detection around the world. 

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