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Producing employable graduates with real-world experience.


Complete circle of learning

Confidential benchmarking allows institutions to continuously see individual and group progress, identify trainees who need extra guidance, and provide them with the tools to address any learning gaps. DetectedX can simplify all activities relating to learning, examination and performance monitoring.

Teach anyone, anywhere

Learning environments are changing rapidly which means that students are increasingly engaging in remote learning. DetectedX allows universities to offer on-demand learning utilizing cloud-based technology and 24/7 accessibility.


MyImageDX allows tutors and trainers to upload their own learning material for the purpose of teaching and assessment.

Document and affirm excellence

Instant certification and access to performance dashboard create demonstrable success metrics, exported on-demand to support grant applications, student CVs and resumés, educator opportunities and more.

See exactly who needs support

Confidential benchmarking lets educators see individual and class progress, identify learners who need extra guidance, and provides them with the learning resources to succeed. 

Instant feedback and certification

For all training modules, answers and findings are instantly analyzed and students receive immediate expert feedback. Certifications are issued on receiving a passing score.

True to practice

Let students explore real patient cases with known truths and instant feedback using our self-assessment modules. Students mark full resolution images delivered in DICOM format with real world images and workflow.  Training modules provided allow users to assess their ability to diagnose as well as judge image quality and patient positioning.

Monitor progress with student score data

Recognize problematic concepts, prioritize areas for curriculum development, and assign modules based on demonstrated learner needs. Fully transparent student score data lets both students and educators see which concepts need reinforcement and provide it instantly.

No IT required

DetectedX seamlessly complements existing university learning with cloud-based access that does not require any complicated software or hardware to run.

Measurably improve teaching

Track academic performance, department efforts, and educator results using reports provided by DetectedX. Data can be maintained and compared across cohorts to inform research and set informed departmental milestones that enhance staff and student performance.

Opt-in data donation

Student statistics can benefit more than just your institution. Optional de-identified data donation lets educators contribute to developing reference standards that drive industry research.

Everything you need in one platform

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