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DetectedX for Individual Clinicians

True-to-practice experience

The resources offered by DetectedX mirror the clinical setting, increasing your diagnosis and detection skills without having to be in the clinic. Our images are high quality and full resolution, and you can magnify, zoom and reset the screen, as well as explore various scan slices.

Self-assessment modules – build on your strengths

DetectedX offers self-assessment modules, where you can identify your current skill level via real-world diagnostic and screening environments. The modules prompt you to identify medical irregularities, and scores will be given for specificity, sensitivity, and the correct diagnosis of lesions.


Improving your skills

Our platform allows you to choose activities that suit your clinical responsibilities, speciality and interests. You can also input your qualifications and years of experience, and the content will be automatically tailored to suit your skill level. Quizzes allow you to engage in diagnostic activities, where you will be asked clinical questions regarding the definition of lesion characteristics, and whether image quality is acceptable. After submission, your answers will be provided alongside the correct responses, and the algorithm will explain ways to improve. You can develop skills in specific areas through online lectures, and new features are frequently added for continual learning.


Easily accessible anytime, anywhere

Log in and go! Interactive education solutions are available 24/7, from anywhere. DetectedX is cloud-based, removing the need for complicated IT setup.

CPD/CME points

DetectedX offers cost-effective and accessible CPD/CME points, making  annual requirements  easy to achieve. Attending conferences and meetings are an excellent way of achieving annual requirements, however increasingly, limited time and finances can present hurdles and impact upon personal development.  Instead the DetectedX solution empowers you to rapidly increase your skills, enhance your employability and create your own CPD/CME portfolio from your clinic, at home or even in your local coffee shop.

Multi-modality training

You may wish to increase your confidence regarding specific modalities, or may be interested in expanding your specialty. While you engage in mentoring or study for additional specialisation,  DetectedX’s online training can provide readily-available support to increase learning speed and confidence.

Everything you need in one platform

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