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Training Institutions

Real-world learning to support medical imaging trainees.

Remote learning - learn anywhere, anytime

Increasingly, time-poor clinicians and trainees are looking for ways to simplify mandatory learning. DetectedX allows training institutions to offer on-demand learning utilizing cloud-based technology and 24/7 accessibility.

Real world, relevant cases

New self-assessment modules are added regularly, and available instantly and support all skill levels and experience.


Accredited learning

Trainees can engage in a range of CME / CPD accredited self-assessment modules and a suite of supporting educational material.

True to practice

Trainees review real cases featuring full resolution images using real-life reading protocols and workflow. Users can adjust the window width and level, zoom in, pan, and digitally adjust the DICOM-format cases in their own reading environment.

Instant feedback

Trainees receive scores and feedback instantly on self-assessment modules – they can evaluate their results and review expert feedback. Answers are compared to known truths confirmed by pathology.

Complete circle of learning

Confidential benchmarking allows institutions to continuously see individual and group progress, identify trainees who need extra guidance, and provide them with the tools to address any learning gaps. Tutors and trainers will be able to view usage and performance via a dashboard.

No IT required

DetectedX seamlessly complements existing university learning with cloud-based access that does not require any complicated software or hardware to run.


Monitor progress with trainee score data

Recognize problematic concepts, prioritize areas for curriculum development, and assign modules based on demonstrated trainee needs. Fully transparent trainee score data lets educators see which concepts need reinforcement and provide it instantly.

Measurably improve teaching

Data can be maintained and compared across cohorts to inform research and set informed departmental milestones that enhance trainee performance.

Opt-in data donation

Student statistics can benefit more than just your institution. Optional de-identified data donation lets educators contribute to developing reference standards that drive industry research.

DetectedX provides invaluable education of radiologists and trainees.

Professor Diane Georgian-smith

Radiologist, JFK Medical Centre, Atlanta Georgia

DetectedX produces the best diagnostic educational tools globally. Its software is transforming radiologic efficacy for trained and trainee clinicians.

Dr Mohammad Rawashdeh

Jordan University of Science And Technology

DetectedX is impacting on radiologic practices world-wide. Thank goodness for its educational tools!

Professor Charbel Saade

American University of Beirut

The educational radiologic software that is available through DetectedX is helping clinicians find cancer more effectively and recognise normal images more confidently.

Professor Warwick Lee

Radiologist Former State Radiologist, Breastscreen NSW

The mammographic test sets and software Professor Brennan and his team have made available through DetectedX are invaluable to the ongoing education of radiologists and trainees.

Professor Dianne Georgian-Smith

Radiologist, Havard Medical School

We have used Professor’s Brennan’s image evaluation software in Italy and the clinicians loved it. It will impact positively on our practices.

Drs Maria Cova & Maura Tonutti

Radiologists Italian Breast Screening Service


MyImageDx allows tutors and trainers to upload their own learning material for the purpose of teaching and assessment.

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