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DetectedX for Imaging Clinics

Review staff competency with self-assessment modules

DetectedX offers self-assessment modules, where your imaging clinic staff can identify their skill level in diagnostic and screening environments. The images provided are of high quality and full resolution, and staff are able to magnify, zoom and reset the screen, as well as explore various scan slices. The modules prompt learners to identify medical irregularities, and scores will be given for specificity, sensitivity, and the correct diagnosis of positives or negatives. Cases are peer reviewed and radiologists who need performance management can therefore be quickly identified by colleagues.

Improving the skills of staff

The algorithm in the DetectedX platform tailors content to the experience and background of each radiologist, and the extensive resources and explanations of mistakes allow for staff skill improvement. Employee and employer dashboards can be generated to document performance and can demonstrate if the clinic is operating at a peak cancer-detection performance. DetectedX trains your staff more rapidly than would be achieved by experience alone. This increase in staff competency results in better patient outcomes and enhances the reputation of the imaging clinic. This form of training also minimises the cost and trauma of medical malpractice with regard to missed false negatives.


MyImageDX for image storage

Many imaging clinics have poor storage practices for cases and images, making it difficult to find these  when required. MyImagDX is a tool offered by DetectedX to easily store and categorise your images for training use. These images can be made available for both clinic trainers and trainees, with privacy and security features embedded. Using MyImageDX, all your images and cases will be accessible in one global DICOM viewer. Any required presentations (including those for MDTs) can be professionalised through this tool.

Easily accessible across time and space

Log in and go! Simple education solutions are available 24/7, from anywhere, in 15-minute bite sizes. Peer review, education and elements of accreditation can take place away from your imaging clinic. DetectedX is cloud-based, and removes the need for complicated IT systems. 

Increase staff satisfaction

Finding new staff has become increasingly difficult. Therefore, it is important to facilitate high staff satisfaction so your practice retains staff and has the numbers required for effective clinic operation. Medical staff often enjoy the social aspects of training, and seek to learn with their peers. An automated peer-review process with access to world-leading peers can therefore increase staff satisfaction. This training is easily accessible and the learning opportunities manageable, increasing the job satisfaction of time-poor clinicians.


CPD/CME points

DetectedX offers cost-effective and accessible CPD/CME points, making  annual requirements  easy to achieve. Attending conferences and meetings are an excellent way of achieving annual requirements, however increasingly, limited time and finances can present hurdles and impact upon personal development.  Instead the DetectedX solution empowers you to rapidly increase your skills, enhance your employability and create your own CPD/CME portfolio from your clinic, at home or even in your local coffee shop.

Accreditation support

In the United States, the mammography accreditation process is called the Master of Science in Quality Assurance (MSQA), and imaging quality, radiation safety and other standards are outlined. DetectedX is built in a way that works towards MQSA definitions and supports peer review requirements.

Multi-modality training

In imaging clinics, some radiologists may have limited experience with certain body parts and tend to specialise in certain areas. DetectedX’s online training gives staff the opportunity to change their speciality or widen their scope. Additional specialities can increase the reputation and efficiency of the imaging clinic. 

New hire assessment

Prospective radiologists’ abilities, skills and expertise can be assessed through DICOM-formatted tests, to ensure you are hiring the best staff. This digital form of assessment is especially valuable when looking to recruit internationally. These practical pre-employment quality checks can also attract high-quality staff due to the rigorous educational support by your clinic. 

Identify outstanding clinicians

Performance dashboards allow for the rapid identification of clinicians who would benefit from additional support and investment in professional development. This can increase your clinic’s reputation and capacity for accurate testing and diagnosis.

Everything you need in one platform

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