Perfecting detection through education

DetectED X is a powerful, personalised, on-line radiology training and research tool that is available world-wide and has been successfully tested in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Middle East, US and Europe.​

BreastED CovED

Increased performance

Repeat users of our test set approach have shown a 34% average increase in performance.

Instant feedback

Instant feedback with various international, national or local reports on performance comparisons.

Globally available

Test sets are accessible 24/7 from anywhere around the world.

Time efficient

Test sets tailored to your availability to complete the activity.

From the experts

  • The mammographic test sets and software Professor Brennan and his team have made available through DetectED-X are invaluable to the ongoing education of radiologists and trainees.
    Professor Dianne Georgian-Smith
    Radiologist, Harvard Medical School
  • We have used Professor’s Brennan’s image evaluation software in Italy and the clinicians loved it.  It will impact positively on our practices.
    Drs Maria Cova & Maura Tonutti
    Radiologists Italian Breast Screening Service
  • DetectED-X produces the best diagnostic educational tools globally. Its software is transforming radiologic efficacy for trained and trainee clinicians
    Dr Mohammad Rawashdeh
    Jordan University Of Science And Technology
  • DetectED-X is impacting on radiologic practices world-wide.  Thank goodness for its educational tools!
    Professor Charbel Saade
    American University Of Beirut
  • The educational radiologic software that is available through DetectED-X is helping clinicians find cancer more effectively and recognise normal images more confidently.
    Professor Warwick Lee
    Radiologist Former State Radiologist, Breastscreen NSW