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OEM Partners

DetectedX for equipment manufacturers

Demonstrate your products with a platform that showcases their assets from anywhere.

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True-to-practice experience

Show product-specific images and features as they would appear in a clinical setting, minus the need for specialised equipment. Users can pan, adjust the DICOM viewer, and more to experience your product at its finest.

cross-device demonstrations

Seamless integration with existing hardware means no overhead IT and computer costs. DetectedX's cloud-based program lets users experiment in their own environment without expensive setup and hardware costs.

Coming soon!Let your images

Store and annotate your own images to teach and illustrate your solution in action.

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Showcase unique features

Display OEM-specific equipment and images without deploying a full PACS. The cloud-based platform ensures customers can trial programs and access optimum materials without compromise.

Offer complete trials

Show off every feature, not just a select few. DetectedX's intuitive software lets radiologists interact with your product as they would in a clinic, with full testing capabilities in a controlled, accessible online environment.

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Everything you need in one platform

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