Dr Ziba Gandomkar | DetectedX | Fostering Diagnostic Accuracy

Dr Ziba Gandomkar

Senior AI Specialist and Data Scientist

Ziba is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) specialist and data scientist. She has over fifteen years of experience in computer programming and over nine years of experience in computer-aided medical image analysis and machine learning.

In recent years, Ziba has worked on the development of AI solutions for predicting a future breast cancer and determining radiologists’ errors while interpreting images, making diagnosis and grading cancers on breast histopathological slides. She has also worked extensively in the field of medical image perception and expertise development. For the first time, her work has provided evidence showing that radiologists have idiosyncratic scan paths consistent across all images and proposed an AI tool for determining readers’ expertise level based on their visual search behaviour.

Dr Ziba Gandomkar has authored several papers in internationally-recognised journals and her works have been presented in many national and international conferences. She is passionate about harnessing the power of AI and data analytics to improve patient outcomes and medical education.

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