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Success with VietRAD project

  • November 16, 2020
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VietRAD Project

November 12-15th, 2020: A world-first breast cancer virtual workshop was provided in Hanoi  by DetectedX in collaboration with the BREAST program at the University of Sydney, the Ministry of Health in Vietnam, The Health Strategy and Policy Institute Vietnam and Aus4Innovation. Up to 80 Vietnamese radiologists engaged with the workshop, diagnosed cases with known truth and then had all their cases reviewed by expert radiologists, Prof Rickard and Dr. Borecky.  All this was done via distance.

Professor Patrick Brennan - DetectedX - Radiology Online Learning Center

Recent work by the University of Sydney has shown that diagnosis of breast cancer is not optimised in Vietnam and these workshops with funding provided by Aus4Innovation were setup to address this issue.

It is through such personalised education and immediate feedback that we will see rapid and effective improvements in cancer detection in Vietnam and elsewhere. We must not let COVID-19 interfere with such important educational activity.

Professor Patrick Brennan, CEO of DetectedX

The second workshop in this series will now take place in Ho Chi Minh City, 26-29th November 2020.

The team would like express their sincere gratitude to the Australian Ambassador and the Vietnamese Vice Minister of Health for opening the event.

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